The Harbor is a growth accelerator, a business incubator and a consultancy firm

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The Harbor is a growth accelerator, a business incubator and a consultancy firm.
It is a place for true citizens of the world, for those who look to the future with confidence or a safe haven where to recover and start again with new and more energy.

Full speed ahead at maximum acceleration with trust, enlightenment, technology as well as personal & environmental improvement.


MOLO17 is a software house that carries out projects capable of overcoming technological and process challenges. MOLO17 succeeds with methodology and quality without being tied to specific vendors or to closed or legacy solutions.


Mobile Bridge

MobileBridge is an innovative startup and an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) focused on the need of companies equipped with management systems and who want to bring a unified and usable mobile operator interface into the hands of their work/sales force.



BEE is a digital ecosystem which integrates itself with the management software available in the company and makes high-level information accessible. The simple and intuitive interface guides the user in carrying out activities value, accessing services now reachable with a click. 

Coworking at The Harbor

Take advantage of the innovative services and spaces dedicated to smart working in The Harbor (affiliated to the Cowo® network).

Get your workplace in a stimulating and fully equipped environment according to Office 4.0 principles. Don’t miss out on exclusive services and a new way to network


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